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Photovoltaics Division in "SWR aktuell"

Photovoltaics Division in "SWR aktuell" from March 29 2022" SWR aktuell covers 12th SiliconPV conference with interviews and shotting at University of Konstanz

Photovoltaics Division in "heute"

Photovoltaics Division in "heute" News from March 28 2022" Interview and shooting of ZDF took place in our labs at University of Konstanz

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1st prize in SFB Nano Picture Contest to Matthias Heilig

At University of Konstanz, a tent with a diameter of only approximately 40 µm was set up in less than 2 µs. The tent is a scanning electron microscope image of a laser treated area with a very thin (less than 100 nm) borosilicate glass bubble on crystalline silicon. It was set up to its final height of about 30 µm using a single green laser pulse (wavelength: 532 nm) with a pulse length of 40 ns. During the laser treatment, temperatures under the tent canvas exceeded 4000°C so that even silicon…