• Photovoltaics Division

    The Photovoltaics Division has its roots in the Chair of Applied Solid States Physics founded by Prof. em. Ernst Bucher in the 1970s. It is now worldwide one of the largest universitary groups with applied research in silicon photovoltaics. Our equipment allows the complete processing of solar cells in industry-type and lab-type manners as well as a detailed characterization of wafers and solar cells.
    Numerous patents were transfered into industry.

  • Processing

    A variety of processing technolgies is available for fabrication of solar cells. On the one hand industrial-type processing of large area solar cells is available, e.g. based on screen-printing for metallization. But also more advanced technologies and processing steps can be applied to determine their potential for application in novel solar cell concepts.

  • Characterization

    The fabricated solar cells and their precursors can be characterized in various ways. This is crucial to analyze the potential of silicon wafers, the effectiveness of single process steps as well as the behavior of the fabricated solar cells, e.g. under operating conditions.

  • Scientific Services

    For external project partners there is the possibility to profit from the various existing process and characterization technologies in the frame of common projects or orders.
    Thereby, partners can use the existing know-how, and current topics of interest can be dealt with in a fast and flexible way.




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